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Buchillon Villa

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Buchillon Villa is composed of three overlapping spaces that form a single building. It is set in a large park facing Lake Geneva, and each room is designed to provide clear views of the landscape. This architectural concept is characterized by freeing all angles of load-bearing supports, requiring that loads be supported by stringers and hip roofs, which act as concrete shells.

The load-bearing structure is composed of reinforced concrete slabs and walls. In the basement, a 20 m (66 ft.) prestressed stringer carries the building’s loads while freeing up room for parking spaces. The dining room is fully enclosed in glass, and the slab that hangs above it is a 5 m (16 ft.) overhang, the load of which is borne by prestressed stringers. The 20° pitched roofs were made by pouring fiber reinforced concrete (FRC) into capped formwork.

The first flight of the basement stairs has steps recessed into the wall, and the second flight up to the main floor has cantilevered steps anchored to a one-of-a-kind stringer.

A pool of water was created between different spaces to create a mirror effect.


Project team

Stefan Nydegger

Associate - Project Manager - Construction works supervision and management - Civil Engineer

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Buchillon (VD)

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