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Philippe Menétrey

Manager - Project Manager - Civil Engineer

Philippe Menétrey


Doctor of Sciences

Master of science - Civil Engineering
University of Colorado

Assistant to professor R. Walther

Civil Engineering Diploma

Incorporator, Manager and Project Leader

Associate, Manager and Project Leader
Dauner ingénieurs conseils SA

Project Leader, Manager of the Bridge and Tunnels Department
Emch+Berger AG

Civil Engineer
Walther, Mory & Maier SA


Liste des publications

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8. Ph. Menétrey; “Numerics in geotechnics and structures”; Numerical simulations of structures with geomaterial using Z-soil; Elmepress International, Lausanne, 2006.
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15. Ph. Menétrey and E. Brühwiler; “Punching shear strengthening of reinforced concrete: experimental and analytical investigations”; Structural Faults and Repair, Edinburgh, 451-458, 1997.
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2. Ph. Menétrey; “Numerical analysis of punching failure in reinforced concrete structures”; EPFL, Dissertation 1279, 1994. Consulter l'article
3. Ph. Menétrey; “A three-dimensional model based on the finite method and the plasticity theory to analyze plain concrete structures”; Master thesis, University of Colorado at Boulder, 1991.